Would You Like the Good News or the Bad News First?



So as of last Thursday, I can happily say that I am now in year number four of Multiple Sclerosis remission. My treatments are working and I have had no new progression or symptoms while I have also increased in brain matter. I’m not exactly sure what the brain matter part means for the long run but my understanding is that it is an occurrence mostly limited to the drug regimen I’ve been on. That increased matter doesn’t necessarily reconnect the lost neural pathways and fix the symptoms though. I kind of think of it as there being a gap in an electrical circuit but instead of reconnecting the two ends with the proper wire, you fill it with chewing gum and hope it works. Or maybe filling a sink hole with dirt and expecting it to hold? I’m obviously very technically versed in this aspect as you can tell.


The bad news is that while everything in my central nervous system is doing great and healthy, I do have some disc degeneration in my cervical spine that is not related to my Multiple Sclerosis. It wasn’t there last year but there is no saying what caused it or if it is reversible. Don’t worry, I already googled the hell out of it and the options are, in no specific order: cancer, AIDS, impending paralysis and inevitable death. I want to say that’s a joke but it really isn’t so please stop googling medical symptoms for all of our sanity. Thanks.


So that leads me into everything that has happened this last year since my last round of scans. Obviously I trained my butt off and climbed a mountain and that’s about the last anyone really heard from me. I needed some time off. There was a lot that happened in Africa, a lot that I have no idea about but I think that is a period I have to put away. I came back, threw myself into work and what was going to be a series about being back in Africa but there was just too much that went on that I have no idea about and nothing productive would come out of me rehashing any of that. So for now, I’m going to leave the details of Africa and Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar to what I posted in February on multiple social media channels. You can find them in archives here or by searching through Twitter and Instagram through the links on the bottom of the page.


The biggest thing, and a huge difference has been that I have been on and off of my autoimmune diet, up and down emotionally and down physically. I tore the ligaments in my ankle and spent three months on crutches, have gained far too much weight while trying to rehab (this week the bodega cashier asked if everything was okay because she thought I had “steroid face”), am dealing with a still undiagnosed skin disorder and am in dire need of a new goal or adventure to aim for besides just getting back to me. And the best way to keep me accountable and make me seem like a real person, not just the ridiculous adventurer beating the odds, is to come back here and be public about the struggle and get back into my crazy stories and fun but healthy food. All with a brand-new look and attitude.

My first attempt at getting back to me? Getting back in the hammock! I’m taking a page from an old friend and colleague’s book and starting an “invert every day” initiative. I am nowhere near as skilled at being upside down as I once was, nor am I as inventive and graceful as JosieSayWhat but hey it’s a start (but seriously check out her insta…it’s pretty incredible). I’m on day two since I haven’t been up in ages except for a little nap, so I’ll start posting pictures next week. In the meantime you can enjoy this oldie but goodie from last year of Zuri and Mommy morning meditations.


Leave comments on what you want to see more of! Videos? Food? Fitness? Ridiculous life stories? Zuri? Just kidding I know everyone always wants more Zuri (I swear she wrote that herself)