Late Night Low Budget Blueberry Mug Bread

If you’re anything like me, January and sometimes February are rough months budget-wise. All of those once a year bills like renter’s insurance pop up right after the holidays putting a bit of a damper on the wallet, social life and pantry. Even my plastic tends to get angry.

The hardest part for me these last few weeks has been trying to stay on my strict diet, through stress eating and insomnia, without constantly raiding the local grocery stores and bodegas like a craving enraged preggo. So today’s recipe is my attempt and a quick, easy and mostly staple ingredient composed snack that saved me a hangry Jill sleep anxiety breakdown at 2am. BONUS: It’s made in a coffee mug and only takes 3 minutes to cook in the microwave!

Thank goodness I freeze fruit that I pick at my parents’ house over the summers for “fresh” fruit during the colder months. Any fresh or frozen berry will work. Or you can nix the fruit. It’s a little flavorless that way but you can always top it with something delicious like jam or more salted honey butter [drool].

I’m interested to hear feedback on this one because I thought it was amazing but due to my altered state of mind I may just be crazy. I also added excessively too many frozen blueberries that it almost didn’t all stick together.

Note: When baking regular blueberry muffins, the blueberries tend to sink to the bottom. In this recipe, they all rose to the top. When baking regular muffins, I have found that dusting the berries in flour keeps them from sinking. Next time I make this I will try it also. If you do so before I do, let me know if it helps!