The first time I made these pancakes it was with great trepidation. I've never been a huge pancake fan. I'm much more of a french toast gal if that is some sort of glaring insight into my personality and soul. I had tried to make those three ingredient banana pancakes a few days prior that ended in tears and burnt pancakes. Tears because the smoke was burning my eyes. Cue epiphany. I found a grain free pancake recipe on WellnessMama and thus began a brilliant and delicious series of food experiments, this being by far the best so far. So good that my southern, grain and dairy eating roommate couldn't get enough of them let alone sit down to eat them, or even leave the kitchen for that matter, lest the dog get any scraps or overdone morsels of goodness over him. Breakfast pancakes were a hands down success.

A few weeks, and many batches of pancakes for multiple taste testers later, I found myself with a craving. A friend had been talking about chicken and waffles and waffles and chicken and my stomach took my brain and ran off to the land of all foods I love but can no longer eat.

As a random side note, you'll learn this more and more about me if you follow my food adventures, I have intense cravings like a pregnant woman. I've had them all my life and the only way to make them go away is to feed the beast. Sometimes they're weird. Sometimes they're delicious. Sometimes it's just something my body needed. But when the beast beckons, I typically find a way to oblige. 

Anyway, back to chicken and waffles. I was racking my brain to come up with something equally as delicious but within the realm of my dietary restraints. Enter crispy skinned, curried chicken thighs with pumpkin pancakes. It was like a delicious ethnic tour on one plate ending in a deluge of maple syrup. The "all day everyday" pancakes were effectively named as the anytime go to. I'll give you my curry chicken recipe in a future post. Until then, enjoy and please share and let me know what you think!