Avocado Pesto

Looking for an easy and healthy side dish for the impending gluttonous holiday season? Something to wow your coworkers at your annual potluck? Something to make you feel better about the overdoses of butter, gravy and tryptophan? Have no fear for avocado pesto is here! It’s great with Zoodles (my personal and incredibly versatile favorite) or tossed with veggies, used as a dip for chips or even regular pasta (I can only imagine on that one though).


Disclaimer: I make avocado pesto in bulk and then freeze it in condiment cups to always have some on hand so the recipe makes quite a bit. Ziplock makes these great little round Tupperware containers that are perfect for the job. Just thaw and toss with anything. I love it tossed with sautéed zoodles and mixed veggies topped with an over easy egg (the drippy yolk replaces the traditional cheese and mixed with the avocado makes that creamy texture you’re used to but still dairy free). And so without further ado…

IMG_8037 (1).jpg