I'M BACK!!!!

Let me first apologize for such an extended hiatus. Sometimes life gets in the way in some of the most unexpected ways. Sooooo the last few months: We found a large tumor in my fur child but it was thankfully benign and we were able to remove it fully. I had some health issues but all is on the mend. I was in a car accident in the back of a cab and had a bit of a setback there. I’ve been taking care of myself and some friends dealing with various issues. It is so important to take care of each other.


Those of you that follow me on social media have been able to keep up with some of the crazy but I’m back and ready to start back here with all of the yummy food, crazy stories and puppy dog pictures.


That said, I’ll leave you with a sad sad puppy mourning her Clemson loss this past weekend.