Photo: Siousca Photography

Photo: Siousca Photography



I’m a little crazy, totally ADD and constantly trying new and interesting things from food to events to travel and beyond. I’m a Clemson grad (GO TIGERS!) and football addict, nerd to the nth degree and career student. I studied genocide in grad school. I’m a certified AntiGravity aerial instructor. I played lacrosse for 15+ years. I’ve traveled the world, lived in Africa and the Caribbean as both a teacher and athletic coach and more recently moved to New York City to “settle down” for a while with my eccentric 8yr old pup, Zuri. I currently work freelance as an artist, event planner and nonprofit consultant.

Days after finishing an intensive 18 month postbac program at Columbia University, I had a seizure on the 1 train during rush hour home from work and a few weeks later was diagnosed with relapse remitting multiple sclerosis. It’s shaken up my life, detoured it in many ways but for the time being it’s finally controlled with medication. I guess besides seizures, my notable symptom to date is that I still can’t feel my hands. In my last relapse in 2014, I lost all feeling in about 70% of my body but only my hands never came back.

After a few miserable weeks of occupational therapy, I decided that I would pick art and design back up instead to work on my fine motor dexterity and out of it came my store, Hazina Safari. Then I started writing again. And then I started sharing my stories and accomplishments and the bumps in the road as I put my life back together. And slowly this site has taken form as a compilation of me. Jill. My Journey. 

It’s a little of everything from random stories to scholarly commentary, fashion to inspiration, DIY to food and fitness, and of course all of the PUPPIES! Honestly, who doesn’t want all of the puppies? Hopefully I can find a way to make you laugh, stir up a little conversation, inspire at least one person and make just a little difference in someone’s life on my way to taking over the world. 



The translation of Hazina Safari from Swahili is "treasure the journey," a piece of advice and life motto from a dear friend of mine, since passed. I remember his words on the hardest of days and have embraced them more than ever the last few years. Life is as much about the end game as it is about the bumps and detours along the way. Treasure them for that is your journey. This is mine. Hazina Safari.




*Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by the greatly talented and always humble Paul Eulette, alternately known as "The Author"